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You focus on driving, we optimize and personalize the set up for you

You should not start any race with a performance disadvantage due to the set up. You can´t trust an off-the-shelf set up will adapt to your driving style and competition, nor will extract the maximum performance of the car.Make your practice and testing time the most efficient to achieve the potential of the car, focusing on driving on the limit with live performance engineering support from us.With experience in world championships like WRC and Formula E together with being senior Simracing Engineer in Williams Esports, we will apply the same data analysis and engineering-based methodology on your simracing sessions.Being ACC, iRacing or rF2, we will help you achieve your full potential, so you start your next race with the best preparation.

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Our Clients Say...

"Josep from GRIP Engineering was a pleasure to work with for our IVRA event. He was well qualified to help our team navigate setup changes and quickly brought the car up to speed. He was able to explain exactly what he was seeing as well as describe what we needed to know about our car based on the feedback and information presented to him.""My time working with Josep has not only helped me for a single event, but to better understand the dynamics of tuning vehicles for the future. I would recommend that drivers ask him questions regarding what they're experiencing behind the wheel as he's knowledgeable and possesses the technical know-how to help you succeed on track"

Grant Yingling, Olympus eSports

"A great way to improve the grey zones. Although I already had a personal background in setups, I couldn't really figure out exactly what was wrong, as the laptimes were way off the usual. A couple of right shots in the setup and it was already a -0.78 in laptimes.""Josep doesn't take too many attempts nor edits, he just tweaks the very few necessary changes, to avoid having a completely different car, but still getting the best out of you"

Christian Romano, Eclipse Racing Esports

"Josep’s service has been extremely helpful while working with me. He is very friendly and his in-depth review of my setup has allowed me to get the most out of the car, as it is optimised to my driving style.""He works hard to adapt the car to the driver’s requirements, but his knowledge and understanding of the setup and telemetry allows him to also correct driver errors. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to increase their performance."

Thomas Cope, Olympus eSports

"The Bathurst session was very successful, it made us faster and also gave us more trust in the car. All in all, we feel we're better prepared for the race after the session with GRIP Engineering.""We really recommend them if you want professional work on your own setups to improve yourself for a race."

Phoenix Racing Esport

"Working together was awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The method of GRIP Engineering, analyzing the feedback, making set up changes and directly testing them, was really what I've been chasing."

Scott Stephens, Fusion Simracing

"Excellent work methodology. Great engineering knowledge and comprehends the set up problems very easily. On top of that, great person to talk to."

TENT Factory

"Working with Josep I found instant improvement with my car setup.""I would give feedback on the car's behaviour, areas to improve, and Josep gave suggestions based on telemetry. We worked through the car's setup options gaining time with every run.""In the 3 races working with Josep, I managed 3 Pole positions, 2 victories and a 2nd place."

Peter Berryman, Apex Racing Team


Do You Sell Set Ups?

No, as both real racing and simracing have proven regularly, there is no set up optimal for all drivers and all types of events. Both driving style and race regulations will affect the optimal set up to extract the full potential of driver+car.

What platforms do you work on?

We mainly work on iRacing, rF2 and ACC.

Do I need to use all the hours of a pack on the same car/track?

No, each team can use the hours purchased on different drivers and cars.